Run your Cannabis Business Better, from Seed to Sale

We’re Bamboo, the all-in-one cannabis software platform here to keep you compliant, efficient, and profitable.

Integrated traceability in any State

Manage an entire sales team with ease

Actionable reporting from anywhere

Bamboo is
Stress-free Growth

A simplified solution for

Tracing, Growing & Selling Legal Cannabis

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Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets and Manual Input

From soil to fulfillment, rely on our robust platform to help streamline and automate your cannabis business processes.

You’ve seen it, we’ve seen it: too many companies struggle due to issues managing traceability, inventory, sales orders, and fulfillment in fifty different places.

Bamboo brings it all together in a fast, simple, and robust platform that keeps you efficient, compliant, and profitable.


How can you
benefit from us?

in One Portal

Log in from anywhere using single sign on and quickly plug into each part of your cannabis operation—a single pane for even multi-state or multi-license operations.


What usually takes hours takes minutes with Bamboo Trace. Easily mass move rooms and plants, manage multiple harvests, all while ensuring system-wide compliance.

Buying & Selling

A one-stop-shop for your sales team, including client management, menu access and updates, and communication with wholesalers, resellers, and transferees.

America’s Top Privately
Owned Cultivator

Rob McKinley

CEO – Phat Panda

“Bamboo has helped streamline the sales operation, allowing my team and I to focus more on the branding and cultivation side of the business.”

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What our clients say
It's Time to Bring Your Cannabis Business Out of Inventory Hell

It might sound harsh, but anyone who has been there knows what a headache it can be to fix sync issues and reconcile inventory. Yet, these problems are rooted in a deeper issue: too many systems and interfaces!

How are cannabis companies supposed to grow and go big when they’re constantly juggling, tinkering with, and troubleshooting what has become a myriad of cannabis software programs?

This is exactly why we created Bamboo.
Bamboo is all about
interoperability, not inefficiency.
Unified data, not silos.

The cannabis industry is in dire need of a centralized software platform capable of seamlessly integrating the traceability functionality with:

Bamboo is about getting products from growers to consumers quickly and accurately.

A universal ecosystem to bring cannabis companies out of inventory hell and reduce friction across the entire supply chain cycle.

It's possible.
It's here now.

Welcome to Bamboo!

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