Effortless Sales CRM and Order Management for Your Company

The cannabis industry is fiercely competitive. To succeed, companies need more than just a presence—they need a strategic advantage. While marketplaces like Leaflink offer visibility, they’re just the beginning. At Bamboo, we’re revolutionizing how cannabis businesses operate, sell, and grow.

Beyond Basic Visibility

Listing your products on a marketplace is a start, but it’s not enough to truly stand out. Emailing PDFs and spreadsheets of your inventory is time-consuming and inefficient. Bamboo takes your sales process to the next level:

  1. Easy Ordering: Include a direct ordering link in your emails, allowing buyers to purchase instantly (no more back and forth emailing or texting). Click here for an interactive example of a Bamboo Sales Menu.
  2. Customized Sales Menus: Showcase your brand without the distraction of competitors’ prices (why compete with 100-200-300 other companies in a marketplace?).
  3. Streamlined Proposals: Sales reps can easily create recommended orders or place orders directly for clients.

Avoiding the Race to the Bottom

Unlike open marketplaces where buyers can compare all prices, potentially leading to a “race to the bottom,” Bamboo’s customized menus keep the focus on your unique value proposition.

Efficiency Through Integration

Bamboo doesn’t just simplify ordering—it revolutionizes your entire workflow:

  • Instant Notifications: All account stakeholders receive purchase orders and invoices immediately.
  • Seamless Compliance: Two-way sync with Metrc, CCRS, and BioTrack allows for rapid order processing and manifesting.
  • Automated Package Creation: Say goodbye to manual Metrc entries. Bamboo auto-creates packages and pushes templates to Metrc.

The Result? Our customers report an 80-90% reduction in order processing, package creation, and manifesting time.

Our Guarantee

We’re so confident in Bamboo’s ability to streamline your operations that we offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t reduce your computer time by at least 80%.

Try Bamboo Risk-Free

With our Pay-As-You-Grow model, there’s no downside to giving Bamboo a try. You can maintain your presence on other marketplaces while experiencing the benefits of:

  • Increased revenue through Bamboo Sales
  • Massive time savings with Bamboo Trace’s compliance and traceability features

Don’t just survive in the cannabis industry—thrive with Bamboo. Ready to see the difference for yourself? Click below to schedule a demo. It only takes 10-20 minutes to see how Bamboo can help your business thrive and become more efficient.

Let’s explore the possibilities and benefits Bamboo can offer your business.

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