A Game Changer: Save Time and Increase Revenue with Bamboo Sales and Trace

Still on the fence about joining Bamboo? If you’re reading this, you might be unsure whether to give Bamboo a try or add it as another platform to your current operations.

You and your company might be hesitant to use Bamboo alongside your other service providers, like another seed-to-sale system, Metrc, or Leaflink. The beauty of Bamboo lies in our two-way sync with Metrc and our complimentary traceability features. We do not charge for compliance, traceability or labels.

You might wonder, how do we make money? We use a Pay-As-You-Grow (PAYG) model. For every dollar you transact, you pay less than a penny—specifically, a quarter of a penny (25 basis points). And we guarantee you’ll never pay more than what you’re currently paying for your current service provider.

Bamboo isn’t just the most cost-effective platform in the cannabis technology industry; it also saves you a tremendous amount of time. Why and how? Your sales reps and clients (wholesale, dispensaries, B2B, etc.) can easily place orders without ever logging in. They can simply access a unique link for each client. Marketplaces like Leaflink are great, but they can create a race-to-the-bottom phenomenon since everyone can see each other’s prices.

Bamboo Sales Menus let you build both one-size-fits-all and personalized menus. In addition, it’s a robust selling platform that allows you to create as many proposals and recommended orders as you like for your customers. You can also put your menus on your websites. Submitted orders can be modified afterward to add more products or change prices as needed. We call our Bamboo Sales Menus a Shopify experience, providing an intuitive interface for sales reps, customers, and clients.

Once an order is submitted and approved in Bamboo Sales, it seamlessly syncs to Bamboo Trace. This allows you to easily manifest within Bamboo, send it to Metrc and print all necessary labels for your products. From the moment an order is submitted in Bamboo Sales, you can manifest and print labels within minutes in Bamboo Trace.

If you want to see how Bamboo Sales can boost your company’s sales and how Bamboo Trace can enhance efficiency and save you time, schedule a demo today. One of our amazing team members can demo Bamboo in just 10-15 minutes through a Google Meet. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We look forward to showing you how Bamboo can maximize your revenue and save you a tremendous amount of time!

Let’s explore the possibilities and benefits Bamboo can offer your business.

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