Maximize Revenue, Minimize Effort

If you and your company are committed to optimizing your traceability and sales strategies and streamlining your company’s operations, Bamboo is the ideal solution for you and your team.

Our sales CRM, paired with seamless two-way sync (and a labels maker in Bamboo) with Metrc (and soon BioTrack), addresses operational inefficiencies head-on. Plus, with no long-term contracts, you only pay for what you use, making Bamboo the most cost-effective cannabis technology platform available.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to boost efficiency and revenue, all within a single platform. Let us demonstrate why your company can benefit from Bamboo—schedule a 10-20 minute demo with a Bamboo representative today!

"We have increased revenue 32% MOM since using Bamboo and saved 3500+ hours a month on the computer and paperwork."

– Shirley Drake, Co-Founder of Greenish

* To date, Bamboo has facilitated over $700 million in transactions for cannabis brands, serving as a catalyst for their growth through our innovative sales enablement platform. By leveraging Bamboo’s unique features and capabilities, these businesses have not only achieved remarkable success but have also saved a significant amount of time and resources in the process. Our platform has proven to be a game-changer for cannabis brands looking to streamline their operations, boost sales, and scale their businesses efficiently.

✔ Empower your sales team with fully customizable and robust sales tools for enhanced profitability.

✔ Fully integrated Traceability, Inventory, and Compliance – all at absolutely no cost!

✔ All-in-one Operations Panel, no more isolated operations; everything you need is now consolidated under one login and one platform.

Let’s explore the possibilities and benefits Bamboo can offer your business.

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo, founded in 2019 with code development starting in March 2020, distinguishes itself from traditional marketplaces by empowering cannabis operators and brands to enhance their sales efficiency. A key feature of Bamboo is its comprehensive complimentary traceability for Metrc, CCRS, and BioTrack.

Bamboo Trace, Bamboo’s traceability platform, seamlessly reports to Metrc, CCRS, or BioTrack on behalf of cannabis operators, meeting all requirements mandated by state cannabis compliance authorities. The platform automatically syncs and reports the necessary compliance data to the state.

Bamboo Sales stands out as a platform that revolutionizes how cannabis brands and sales reps operate. Unlike conventional marketplaces, Bamboo Sales empowers brands and reps by making sales menus easily accessible on mobile devices, tablets, and anywhere on the go. This enables reps to quickly place orders for clients, eliminating communication gaps between sales reps and buyers. With Bamboo Sales, reps and dispensary purchasing managers can access real-time sales menus without the need for logging in.

Bamboo Sales offers powerful features such as customizable real-time sales menus, recommended orders generation, and website sales menu integrations—all available for free. Instead of a monthly subscription fee, Bamboo charges a fraction of a penny per dollar transacted through its platform. For example, selling $10,000 via Bamboo Sales costs just $25, while selling $100k worth of products would incur a fee of $250. If no sales are generated through Bamboo, the platform is completely free to use.

Still not convinced? Bamboo guarantees to match or beat the fees of your current seed-to-sale or track-and-trace platform, making it a win-win proposition. Operating on trust, Bamboo does not require contracts, believing in mutual success.

What are the drawbacks of cannabis marketplaces?

In the world of cannabis sales, marketplaces offer a convenient way for buyers to browse through a wide range of brands and products, similar to flipping through a magazine or catalog. However, this convenience often comes at a cost for sellers, as they find themselves competing on price to stand out in a crowded marketplace, leading to a race-to-the-bottom mentality.

While marketplaces serve a purpose by providing a platform for brands to showcase their products, they often fall short in terms of adding significant value beyond that. As a result, sellers have limited control over how their products are presented and may struggle to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Bamboo aims to solve this problem by empowering cannabis brands to create and customize their own sales menus, giving them full control over how their products are showcased to clients and buyers. By providing tools to build personalized menus and generate recommended orders, Bamboo helps brands stand out and drive higher sales. The reason is simple: when buyers are focused on your specific cannabis brands and products, they tend to pay more attention and often make larger purchases.

In the end, the success of a cannabis brand hinges on the effort invested in crafting and optimizing its sales menus. While marketplaces may seem like an easy way to gain exposure, brands that take control of their sales menus and strategies are more likely to see greater success in the long run.

Why Bamboo?

At Bamboo, we’ve noticed that the most successful cannabis brands go beyond relying solely on marketplaces. They also empower their sales reps to capture orders directly in stores using Bamboo Sales Menus. On average, we’ve observed that sales reps place about 50% of orders for dispensaries’ clients, while the other 50% are placed directly by purchasing managers. It’s important to note that Bamboo Sales Menus are versatile and can be used to sell to various entities, including cultivators, producers, processors, manufacturers, and more, not just dispensaries and stores.

While being on a marketplace has its advantages, you might be missing out on additional sales opportunities by not leveraging Bamboo Sales’ internal email marketing platform. With Bamboo Sales, you can effortlessly send sales menus to your clients and sales reps using the built-in email feature. Sales reps and buyers can access the menus with a single click directly from the email, without the need to log in. Moreover, sales reps can easily retrieve the sales menu links within the platform to place orders on behalf of buyers and stores.

Need to create recommended orders (proposals) for clients? Bamboo Sales has you covered. Plus, you can seamlessly embed these sales menus directly onto your website with Bamboo’s simple code implementation, providing an easy and efficient way to expand your sales channels.

If you’re not experiencing increased sales through our email marketing, real-time sales menus, recommended orders, or website integration, then we, as a cannatech company, have failed in our mission.