Our Transparent Pricing

Only pay for what you use to grow your business with our unique Pay-As-You-Grow (PAYG) pricing model
What is PAYG?
Unlike other legacy cannabis platforms, Bamboo offers a Pay-As-You-Grow model called PAYG.
With PAYG, you can use the entire Bamboo software platform, including no-cost setup, implementation, and integrations. You won’t have to pay anything until you start making transactions using our software.

Bamboo bills you a competitive percentage for what you transact in our platform, a lot like your water or electricity bill.

PAYG is based on what you transact, as simple as that. No surprises.
One plan, access to all features
PAYG Estimator
See why we have the lowest cost in the industry. Enter your estimated monthly revenue below.
You Only Pay$ 0.00 /month

Is your monthly revenue greater than $2M? We have custom pricing available. Speak to one of our helpful associates today.

What is PAYG?
Bamboo is built to support both small cultivation companies and cannabis operations at scale. So is our pricing model.
No Setup Costs
Get setup and configured without any upfront charges
Use What You Need
Avoid runaway platform costs with absolutely no hidden costs
Plan for Future Growth
Reliably forecast your platform costs to account for future growth
PAYG offers a number of advantages for operations both well-established cannabis players and companies that are scaling up.

Got Questions?

While building Bamboo, we talked to a lot of cannabis operators. Almost everybody complained about the hidden fees and runaway costs so common to cannabis platforms. When we say you pay only for what you need, we mean it—and we’ll break it all down in great detail before you pay a dime. ..no hidden fees …no cost to implement
Flexibility and scalability. The more sales you transact, the more resources and features that Bamboo will put in to enhance your business. If you don’t need to use Bamboo as much in a given month—for whatever reason—your fee will be adjusted accordingly. We work with some outdoor grow operations, for example, who only harvest once every few months. For businesses like these, the pay-as-you-grow model is essential to controlling costs.
You only begin paying after your first paid order is received and for any paid orders there on out. You will be billed on the first of each month to account for all orders that happened in the previous month.
No. There’s no contract. Just pay as you grow, on a month-to-month basis.
We require a company card in order to register new Bamboo users. However, we will not invoice your company until you have started transacting on Bamboo. We will only charge the card on file at the end of the month that you have started transacting, then each month after that (assuming you continue transacting).
No, we currently do not offer a quarterly payment option.
We will only charge you for what you have transacted. If you don’t transact on Bamboo, we do not charge your credit card. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer support team.
If you’re an MSO, we’re more than happy to jump on a call with you to see how Bamboo can help you with your cannabis operators. Enterprise pricing is available for some states.

Tie Your Entire Operation Together in a Complete Cannabis Platform.

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