How the Bamboo Platform Works

Integrated, real-time inventory management for the cannabis industry

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Bamboo is
Stress-free Growth

A simplified solution for

Tracing, Growing & Selling Legal Cannabis

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From hands in soil, to hands on products and touchscreens, it’s people that make the cannabis lifecycle go round.

Bamboo empowers your people to bring products to market more efficiently - to orchestrate cannabis



with an integrated approach to inventory management

Bamboo Platform

And your team
can access it all
through a single,

Tie Your Entire Operation Together in a Complete Cannabis Platform.
Ready to Take Bamboo for a Spin?

Manage All Operations from One Interface

From grows and warehouses, to front office and dispensaries, your team is in a lot of different places throughout a given day. Bamboo Portal provides a single interface for all team members, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Single login with multi-state and multi-license support

Unlimited organizations and users
Pre-defined role-based permissions for simple user management
Single account with billing per organization

Leave No Plant Unaccounted For

Bamboo Trace is a robust traceability solution compliant with state traceability systems. Trace simplifies invoicing and manifests and makes it easy to address any inventory discrepancies.

State-of-the-art inventory management system

provides accurate stock availability and helps forecast potential sellable inventory
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Quick-action buttons in every module

provides accurate stock availability and helps forecast potential sellable inventory
Effortless traceability with real-time two-way synchronization for Metrc, CCRS, and BioTrack.

built for growers by growers

Instant notifications

for syncing, compliance alerts, and other critical activity

Work in offline mode, mobile or desktop

when state traceability API systems are down

Work with multiple state licenses

all within the same platform, one login

Design your own label templates

use them to generate multiple labels for all your plant and product requirements.

Build a High-Growth Sales Operation

Bamboo Sales brings it all together for your sales team, including client management, menu access and updates. Boost your sales strategies with our integrated email marketing, real-time sales menus, recommended orders, website sales menu integration, and effortless in-person ordering to drive in-store sales.

Maximize your revenue, minimize effort.

Customer, client, and buyer management all in one place

including seamless integration with Trace live inventory management.

Best Sales Menus in Cannatech

Email marketing, recommended orders (proposals), sales menus website integration, Bamboo offers a comprehensive suite of features.

Sales Menu Website Integration

effortlessly integrate the sales menus on your own website

Daily, weekly, or monthly sales and promotional campaigns
built-in email marketing feature simplifies the process of sending sales menus
In-depth sales, analytics, and reporting on clients, sales reps, and much more
Recommended Orders (Proposals)
sales reps can swiftly create recommended orders for clients
Sales Menus Are Fully Customizable

Manage discounts, samples, and three-tier product pricing for each client

Create your own client lists and assign them different product prices if need be. Use the lists to send special campaigns as you see fit.

A Powerful Cannabis Dispensary POS

Bamboo Cashier is the ultimate Point-of-Sale (POS) system designed exclusively for cannabis retail. This robust and compliant solution offers full customization, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your dispensary’s unique needs. Experience the convenience of built-in traceability, advanced reporting, and integrated payment processing, all of which empower dispensaries to effortlessly scale their operations, streamline staff onboarding, and deliver exceptional experiences to their valued customers.

Dependability You'll Feel From Plant to Point-of-Sale

Secured Platform

Bamboo is a single, secure platform that doesn’t communicate with external databases, significantly reducing unauthorized access, human error, and data breaches.

Compliance Monitoring

In an industry as heavily regulated as Cannabis, operators must keep up with changes in federal and state marijuana laws. Bamboo goes beyond seed-to-sale and track-and-trace to ensure compliance, including a robust notification system for compliance alerts.

Unified Data

Bamboo delivers intelligent actionable data insights throughout the entire platform, thus allowing your business to function in the most efficient and profitable way across the entire supply chain.
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