A Game Changer: Save Time and Increase Revenue with Bamboo Sales and Trace Part 2

You and your company might have concerns about integrating Bamboo with your existing service providers, such as seed-to-sale systems like Metrc or platforms like Leaflink. However, the true value of Bamboo lies in our seamless two-way sync with Metrc and our complementary traceability features. Importantly, we do not charge extra for compliance, traceability, or labels.

Once an order is submitted and approved in Bamboo Sales, it automatically synchronizes with Bamboo Trace. This allows you to effortlessly manifest within Bamboo, send the manifest to Metrc, and print all necessary labels for your products. From the moment an order is placed in Bamboo Sales, you can manifest and print labels within minutes using Bamboo Trace.

With Bamboo’s complimentary Trace platform, the days of manually creating labels are over. Trace offers a two-way sync with CCRS and Metrc. Regardless of whether you process your orders through your current service provider like Leaflink and Metrc, you can either replace those systems with Bamboo or seamlessly integrate Bamboo into your existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Building orders in Bamboo Sales is easy. Both sales representatives and clients have the option of directly placing orders into Bamboo Sales without any additional logins. – Example of a Bamboo Sales Menu.

From there, thanks to the seamless sync between Bamboo Trace and Sales, and the two-way integration with Metrc, Bamboo can assist in processing and manifesting the order in a matter of minutes. No more double entry, no more manual order building in Metrc. At the same time, you have the ability to create and print labels for the ordered products immediately. Bamboo Trace Labels Creator allows you to build labels for all your cultivation and traceability compliance needs. Once the initial templates have been created, you can quickly print product labels for the manifested order. All these efficient tools are included in the most cost-effective cannabis technology platform.

As shown in the screenshots below, it only takes a minute or two to process an approved order from Sales to Trace using auto allocate or convert. Even manually converting a product takes just a few clicks.

Bamboo Trace streamlines compliance, processing, and manifesting, saving you a tremendous amount of time with its two-way sync with Metrc. Manifesting and creating labels have never been easier.

Unlike most software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers that operate on yearly contracts, Bamboo follows a simple and transparent Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) model. You can easily estimate your expenses using our pricing calculator at getbamboo.com/pricing. For our large Multi-State Operator (MSO) or enterprise users, we offer guaranteed competitive pricing that will beat what you’re currently paying for your existing service provider. Typically, when you reach a threshold of $250,000-$300,000, we’ll move you to an enterprise (capped) model. For anything below that, we’ll honor our price match guarantee or PAYG, whichever is more cost-effective for you and your company.

Let’s explore the possibilities and benefits Bamboo can offer your business.

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