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Delaware's Recreational Market

While there have been efforts to legalize adult-use cannabis in the state, these measures have not been successful so far.

The following developments related to cannabis in Delaware have taken place:

  1. Legislative efforts:
    • In March 2023, a bill to legalize recreational cannabis was introduced in the Delaware General Assembly but did not advance to a vote.
    • Advocates and lawmakers have continued to push for legalization, emphasizing the potential economic benefits and social justice implications.
  2. Medical cannabis program:
    • Delaware’s medical cannabis program, which has been in place since 2011, has continued to serve registered patients.
    • In late 2023, the state updated its medical cannabis regulations to allow for home delivery and curbside pickup, improving access for patients.
  3. Decriminalization:
    • Delaware has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis since 2015, with civil penalties replacing criminal charges for possession of up to one ounce.
    • In early 2024, lawmakers introduced a bill to further reduce penalties for cannabis possession and expunge past convictions, but the measure has not yet been voted on.
  4. Regional context:
    • As neighboring states like New Jersey and Virginia have legalized recreational cannabis, some Delaware residents have been traveling across state lines to purchase legal products.
    • This has led to increased calls for legalization in Delaware to capture tax revenue and prevent the diversion of funds to other states.

Despite the lack of a legal recreational market, the conversation around cannabis legalization in Delaware has continued to evolve. Advocates and lawmakers have pointed to the experiences of other states to highlight the potential benefits of legalization, including job creation, tax revenue, and social equity. However, opponents have raised concerns about public health, safety, and the impact on communities.

As the regional cannabis landscape continues to shift, it remains to be seen whether Delaware will move forward with legalization in the near future. In the meantime, the state’s medical cannabis program and decriminalization policies will continue to shape the legal status of cannabis in Delaware.

Delaware's Road to Recreational Cannabis

Delaware’s journey towards legalizing recreational cannabis has been characterized by several legislative efforts and evolving public opinion. While the state has yet to fully legalize adult-use cannabis, significant progress has been made in recent years. Here’s a timeline of the key events:

  1. 2011: Delaware legalized medical cannabis through the passage of Senate Bill 17, the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act.
  2. 2012-2019: The state’s medical cannabis program was implemented and expanded, with licensed compassion centers (dispensaries) serving registered patients.
  3. 2015: Efforts to legalize recreational cannabis began in the Delaware General Assembly with the introduction of House Bill 150, the Delaware Marijuana Control Act. The bill did not advance.
  4. 2017-2018: Additional legalization bills were introduced in the legislature, including House Bill 110 and House Bill 63, but they failed to pass.
  5. 2019:
    • House Bill 110, a comprehensive legalization bill, was reintroduced and passed the House but stalled in the Senate.
    • Governor John Carney expressed his opposition to legalization, citing concerns about public health and safety.
  6. 2021:
    • House Bill 150, another legalization measure, was introduced and passed the House but did not advance in the Senate.
    • Senate Bill 60, a more limited bill focusing on possession and expungement, was also introduced but did not pass.
  7. 2022:
    • House Bill 371, which would have legalized possession and home cultivation for adults 21 and older, passed the House but narrowly failed in the Senate.
    • House Bill 372, a companion bill focusing on regulation and taxation, was not brought up for a vote.
  8. 2023:
    • House Bill 1, a new legalization bill similar to HB 371, was introduced and passed the House in March but failed to advance in the Senate.
    • Advocates continue to push for legalization, with the hope of reaching a compromise that can garner enough support to pass both chambers of the legislature.

Despite the setbacks, support for cannabis legalization in Delaware has been growing among lawmakers and the public. Advocates have emphasized the potential economic benefits, social justice implications, and the need to align with neighboring states that have already legalized adult-use cannabis.

As the conversation around legalization continues in Delaware, lawmakers and stakeholders are working to address concerns related to public health, safety, and regulatory oversight. The state’s experience with medical cannabis and the lessons learned from other states that have legalized adult-use cannabis will likely inform future legalization efforts. While the road to recreational cannabis in Delaware has been challenging, the momentum for reform suggests that legalization may be on the horizon.


Traceability, Compliance & Regulation in Delaware

In Delaware, recreational cannabis is not yet legal, but the state has a well-established medical cannabis program. As of April 2023, several bills have been introduced in the Delaware General Assembly to legalize and regulate adult-use cannabis, but none have been passed into law. The most recent effort, House Bill 1, aimed to legalize possession and home cultivation for adults 21 and older but did not include provisions for commercial sales. The bill was passed by the House in March 2023 but failed to advance in the Senate.

Despite the lack of a legal recreational cannabis market, Delaware’s existing medical cannabis program has a robust framework for traceability, compliance, and regulation:

  1. Seed-to-Sale Tracking:
    • Delaware uses the BioTrackTHC system for seed-to-sale tracking of medical cannabis.
    • Licensed medical cannabis compassion centers (dispensaries) and production facilities must use the tracking system to record inventory, sales, and transfers of cannabis products.
  2. Licensing and Regulation:
    • The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) oversees the medical cannabis program and issues licenses for compassion centers and production facilities.
    • Licensees must adhere to strict security, record-keeping, and operational requirements.
  3. Product Testing and Safety:
    • Medical cannabis products must be tested by a licensed third-party laboratory for potency, contaminants, and other quality control measures.
    • Packaging and labeling requirements ensure that products are properly identified and include necessary warnings and disclosures.
  4. Patient Registration and Possession Limits:
    • Patients with qualifying medical conditions can register with the Delaware Medical Marijuana Program to obtain a medical cannabis ID card.
    • Registered patients can possess up to six ounces of cannabis at a time.

If Delaware were to legalize recreational cannabis in the future, it is likely that the state would build upon the existing medical cannabis regulatory framework to establish rules for adult-use traceability, compliance, and regulation. This could include:

  1. Licensing for adult-use cannabis businesses, such as retail stores, cultivation facilities, and product manufacturers.
  2. Expansion of the seed-to-sale tracking system to include recreational cannabis.
  3. Establishment of product testing and safety standards for adult-use products.
  4. Setting purchase and possession limits for adults 21 and older.
  5. Implementing a taxation structure for recreational cannabis sales.
  6. Developing social equity programs and reinvestment initiatives for communities disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs.

As the legal landscape surrounding recreational cannabis continues to evolve in Delaware, it will be essential for stakeholders to stay informed about any changes or developments in the state’s cannabis laws and regulations.

What are the drawbacks of cannabis marketplaces?

As Delaware’s cannabis industry expands, marketplaces will likely emerge, offering a wide array of brands and products for buyers to explore. While this format provides convenience, it often leads to a race-to-the-bottom mentality among sellers, who compete on price to stand out.

These marketplaces (Leaflink, LeafTrade etc), though initially beneficial, offer limited value beyond serving as a platform for brands to display their products. Consequently, Delaware’s cannabis businesses may find themselves with minimal control over product presentation and differentiation.

Bamboo aims to solve this problem by empowering Delaware’s cannabis brands to create customized sales menus and control how their products are showcased to clients and buyers within the state’s regulated market. By offering tools to build personalized menus and recommended orders, Bamboo helps brands stand out and drive higher sales. When buyers focus on specific cannabis brands and products, they often pay more attention and make larger purchases.

Ultimately, a cannabis brand’s success in Delaware will depend on the effort invested in crafting and optimizing its sales menus. Although relying on marketplaces for exposure may be tempting, brands that control their sales menus and strategies are more likely to achieve long-term success within the state’s industry.

Bamboo Trace

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✔ Receive instant notifications for important updates and events.

✔ Work in offline mode, accessible on both mobile and desktop devices, especially useful during periods of downtime in BioTrack API systems.

✔ Ability to support multiple licenses for comprehensive management of operations.

✔ Customize label templates to meet Delaware’s BioTrack regulations and efficiently generate multiple labels for various plant and product requirements.

✔ Comprehensive management of Strains, Rooms, Propagations, Grow Cycles, Plants, Harvests, Disposals, Inventories, Conversions, QA Samples, and more, all integrated within Bamboo Trace.

✔ Effortlessly process orders and generate manifests in just minutes for enhanced efficiency.

Bamboo Sales

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✔ Seamlessly integrate Sales Menus with your website for expanded reach and accessibility.

✔ Simplify email marketing efforts with the built-in feature tailored for sending sales menus effortlessly.

✔ Gain insights through comprehensive sales analytics and reporting on clients, sales reps, and customizable metrics.

✔ Generate numerous recommended orders (proposals) to cater to diverse client needs.

✔ Customize Real-time Sales Menus according to preferences and branding.

✔ Easily manage discounts, credits, pricing tiers, and distribution lists for streamlined operations.

✔ Efficiently handle all your sales enablement strategies within the Bamboo Sales platform.

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